How to Ball on a Budget; $1 Store Musts

I am someone who is ALWAYS looking to save a buck, I mean can you blame me? Im a mom AND a college student, horrible financial combination. so with that being said I would like to proudly announce, that I, Jess, am a consistent Dollar Tree shopper. I make a separate shopping list specifically for the Dollar Tree. Now yes, I know sometimes you can search for a better deal on some specifics BUT in a pinch if you don’t want to travel to store to store you can rely on my favorite items to always be ONE DOLL HAIR.

20 Essential Pick Ups at Dollar Tree

  1. Paper towel– You can never have enough paper towel especially with a crazy toddler in your home. They have several brands including Bounty.
  2. Liquid dish soap– Again several options. I always get Dawn there is a concentrated and non concentrated option.
  3. Antibacterial wipes– These are not the best quality but again if you have kids or pets or if you even just want to do a daily tidy up these bad boys are perfect for that. A quick bathroom or kitchen clean is what I tend to use mine on.
  4. Tooth brush & tooth paste– Colgate tooth brushes are typically $1 in a multitude of stores, smaller tubes of the Colgate Crest whitening toothpaste are always in stock in our household.
  5. Boogie Wipes– perfect travel size for the diaper bag. This is honestly one of my favorite baby products they work WONDERS. If you have a young babe and they have stuffy nosey check these out.
  6. Lint roller– I honestly do not price check lint rolls from store to store but I don’t mind spending a dollar on a decent size lent roller.
  7. Vinegar– 32 ounces, $1. Worth it.
  8. Apple Cider Vinegar– 32 ounces, also $1, also worth it.
  9. Coconut oil- So many beauty DIY recipes call for coconut oil. This is where I get mine for those. Also makes the worlds best shaving cream. I do not use dollar store coconut oil to cook, although you could.
  10. Outlet Plugs– I just started getting more of these to cover up our walls as Ella makes herself more and more mobile.
  11. Baby bath toys– Bath toys gross. me. out. If you haven’t seen the viral Facebook post as to why I will give you the long story short, they get mold inside. So, about every two months I buy new toys and replace them, about 5 come in a bag.
  12. Cards– Your grandma loves getting greeting cards, buy her one they’re only a dollar.
  13. Party supplies– Including but not limited to gift bags, bows, wrapping paper, tissue paper, and party decorations (see my How NOT to Throw a First Birthday video on my youtube channel to get better idea on this).
  14. Holiday decor– now, you can find some really low quality, cheesy items OR sometimes you can find some really cute pieces. This area really depends on the shopper.
  15. Mop pads– Parents or pet owners can really benefit from this find, 20 pads for a dollar to do daily cleaning.
  16. Duster– See above, same deal.
  17. Medicine– I always pick up my purse acetaminophen. Its 500mg, 40 capsules.
  18. Shower liner– Shower liners get so gross so fast I switch ours out on a regular basis, and for something that doesn’t last that long I find a dollar is all that needs spent on it.
  19. “Office” supplies– Im talking note cards, pens, notebooks, crayons, colored pencils & books
  20. Hair ties– because where do they all go anyways?


Check out my youtube channel to see this weeks dollar store pick ups!