7 Tips to Get an Instagram Worthy Picture

We all like pretty things, we all like trying our best to keep our belongings looking nice, including our Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pictures. Here’s 7 simple tips I use in getting THE PICTURE.

1. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

Lighting makes such a big difference in your pictures. A poorly lit picture can barely be saved by editing. Natural light is the best light! When I was taking Ella’s month by month pictures I always did them in the morning with the sun shining into her face instead of coming from behind her. On her birthday during her smash cake I had no choice but to put the lighting behind her. Below are two, unedited pictures. One from the lighting coming from behind her on her birthday smash cake and the other her month by month picture with the lighting in her face. You can see what big difference that makes even before adding a touch of color.

Ella’s smash cake. Lighting from behind.
Ella’s 12 month picture. Lighting from the front.

2. Burst Mode

This is a setting on the iPhone that allows you to take multitude of pictures in one moment. You hold the button down and it takes many photos at once. All these photos are under one picture instead of adding a million to your camera roll. You have the ability to pick your favorites out or keep them all, doesn’t matter! It’s perfect for grabbing that in the moment shot. I’ve attached a video for a visual explanation of this.

3. Find Your Favorite Editing Apps Editing apps can add a more visual appealing effect to your photos. There are so many editing apps to choose from. Some of my favorites are

-Color Story




4. Use the Grid

You can enable the grid to come up on your iphone camera by going to settings, searching for camera and then sliding grid to on. Having the grid on allows you to make your photos straighter and focus more on angles.

5. Pick an Awesome Background

Whether it be a brick, a plain colored wall or putting something against a sheet a background choice has the ability to make your photo pop. If you have hustle and bustle behind your photo it takes away from what you’re trying to showcase, whether it be you, clothes or yummy food. A fence, a garage, side of a building, your bed sheet, a rug, a field of flowers, or beautiful scenery can all make for an awesome background because they’re simplistic & elegant. In the two pictures you can see the difference having the right background makes.

My mom with a quick unplanned candid.
Centering in front of the garage in the same location.

6. Use the Highest Quality

If you’re with your friends and someone has a better camera than you take advantage! Make sure your photos are clean and not blurry. It will make a big difference in the general appearance of not only your photo but your entire feed.

7. The Most Important Tip

This seems so simple and cliché but the most important tip is to keep it fun, and keep it YOURSELF. Don’t take pictures just for the likes, take pictures of what makes you, you. It makes your feed unique because no one else is you besides you.

Expression swing, photo edited with VSCO