Aloe Vera DIY Hair Mask

I. Love. Hair. Although I sport a messy bun a good amount of time I love hair and I’ve been a hair freak for as long as I can remember, just ask my faithful hairdresser. So when I’m feeling a beauty pick me up day I’ll always turn to my favorite DIY Aloe hair mask.

Benefits of using aloe in your hair

  • It has over 75 active ingredients/minerals including A, C, B1, B2, B6, B12 & E
  • It has antibacterial agents in it which help to prevent and fight hair loss
  • It is awesome for color treated hair ( bc color treated hair already has a lot of chemicals going on) because it’s organic & it helps to strengthen and repair
  • Has proteolytic enzymes which stimulates growth
  • Relieves itchy scalp
  • Reduces and prevents dandruff
  • Helps hair to retain moisture because of alkaline in it balances scalp & hair pH, HELLO SHINY

How to make the mask

It’s an awesome organic hair mask and the best part for me is I know what’s going into my hair because I made it from all natural materials. You’ll need the following ingredients;

  1. Aloe Vera. Either from your own plant, s leaf you bought or store bought packaged Aloe Vera. I prefer getting my own from my plant because it’s free, making it the most economical & I know 100% there is nothing added to it. I use about a leafs worth.
  2. Coconut oil. I used three tablespoons worth in this recipe and melted in the microwave for 30 seconds. Next time I will be using two tablespoons instead because I felt like I had to rinse my hair for so long to get it all out. I get mine from the dollar store, Dollar General.
  3. Honey. I did two tablespoons of honey in this recipe and mixed it into the melted coconut oil. I buy my honey from aldis.
Linked in my YouTube Chanel is a new video on visual explanation of this and how I cut and push my aloe out of my plant 🙂

After adding the honey to the melted coconut oil I peel open the aloe leaf and scrap the insides into a blender. I blend the inside of the aloe plant with the tiniest bit of water it makes it frothy. I add this mixture to the honey and coconut oil and then I put the trio inside an empty container so I can put it on my hair. As you can see in the YouTube video I had difficulties because the container I picked wasn’t ideal but, I made it work. Then I separated my hair into sections so I could really apply the solution to my roots. After I applied it to my roots I put my hair in a bun and continued to put the solution in my hair. I do advise doing this over the sink because it gets messy! Then let it sit for 2 hours, shower it out WELL. Blow dry your hair.

This is my hair after doing it ! Not straitened, just blowed dried it was still the tiniest bit damp.