Young Mom Style

I’m not really sure as to why but when I became pregnant one of my bigger worries about myself was what am I going to wear now ???? I would avidly search on Pinterest “young mom outfit” (what does that even mean?!) Would I be allowed to wear the same clothes anymore? I owned tight jeans and even tighter dresses. My shoes were heels and my shirts were cropped. My straight out of college wardrobe did not in the least scream responsible mom. Although I had classier pieces than bar outfits I was scared of dressing for the daily life of mommin.I’m not sure why I let this minute detail get to me so bad, perhaps I was afraid of being judge as unfit. I felt like the stigma attached to dressing “appropriately” was a giant stressor during my pregnancy. BUT I’m here to spread the good word: YOU CAN WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT

Although, I do have some tips to share for dressing when you’re a mama because life can become a little HECTIC but you can still dress however you please. Honestly, these tips are good for anyone with a busy lifestyle and casual fashion sense like myself.

5 Style Tips For the Busy Gal

1. Keep it Simple Stupid.

Great advise, hurts my feelings every time. (a pun from”The Office” if you didn’t catch it) but seriously if you’re already over whelmed with the day keeping your outfit simple will help you feel put together with out all the stress of finding something nice. Seriously grab a sweater, or a plain shirt with out stains pair it with your favorite leggings and go to shoes. You will feel so much better about taking on the day. It also makes chasing around a tiny human, running a million errands and simultaneously juggling 12 things at once have a more simplistic approach. You are now prepared to chase, bend, pull, push, pick up, and wipe butts.

2. Add Layers

Boring outfit ? Spice it up with layers. Sooo easy. A cute jacket like my white leather one or sweater vest pictured below can make your wardrobes have that extra put together persona. Btw both of those items were thrifted ! Finding jackets at the thrift store is always a bonus. Cardigans work sooo well too to make an outfit feel put together and they’re oh so easy.

3. Messy Bun Life

This is seriously my (and probably ever other mom’s) signature look. If you’re in a rush, I find that putting your hair up in a big ol messy bun saves you time to find an outfit because if you have to chose between hair and outfit for amore “how can I look presentable the fastest?” outfit will win over hair. You can make your messy bun look a little more dolled up by adding an eccentric head band or by putting it up with a scrunchie!


If you’re going out for the night with your man or the girls dress it up! Being a mom does not put limitations on your ability to look good. It’s called hawt mama for a reason! It’s adult time, you’re allowed to be an adult and dress like an adult. I am going to Vegas in March for a parent’s vacation and guess what!? I’m going to dress how I want, like an adult!! SHOCKER RIGHT ?!

5. The Two Cs

I’m talking about comfy and confident. If it’s comfortable, wear it. If it makes you feel confident, wear it. The best part about being you is you, wear what you want and like what you wear.

Long story short, “young mom fashion” / “I’m a busy person in general fashion” is pretty damn easy. Simple outfits save you out on stress and time, layers make you look more put together than you actual are, all hail the messy bun, your adult clothes can come out for adult time still, and being comfy & confident above all is the golden rule.