Thrifty Thursdays

Calling all North East Ohio Thrifters. I have a new favorite thrift spot. Life’s Treasures Thrift Shop in Medina. This is my new favorite thrifting location for several reasons. First of all they have an amazing cause to their store. All proceeds are given to HMC Hosipice of Medina county which directly benefits the patients and their families. Secondly, because they are charitable it solely volunteer based. Another reason to love this location is because whatever is donated is put out onto the floor not resold online for a higher price or marked up like other thrifts shop do. Added bonus the last Thursday of every month is 50% off. This store has A TON of furniture and other very nice pieces. I went for my first half of Thursday and spent $38 for a purse, two very nice throw pillows, a rug, an L.L Bean jacket and a fur coat. My most expensive item, the fur coat, was $17. I can not believe how many good finds were in this store!! I will post pictures of all my goodies below.

I am getting a lot of feedback on my thrifting pieces, asking how do I find stuff. Would it beneficial to you all if i made a blog post on tips while thrifting piece?