3 Easy Tips for Mommy and Me Matching

I LOVE matching with Ella. It all started one day when I took her to work with me. She was wearing teal onesie with white polka dots and I was wearing a red flannel. Our picture was taken and BOY DID WE CLASH ( can you tell I’m a little OCD ? ). So anyways, I made sure from that day on forward we did not clash. Then I started to stumble across some of my favorite instagramers who matched with their babes on a more regular basis and I adored it!!! I am always ballin on a budget and if you ever have looked into boutiques who specifically make clothes identical to your little, they cost a pretty penny. I started figuring out easier ways to let us match. Don’t get me wrong I would love some matching pieces! It was my #1 Christmas present I wanted this year, a matching Sherpa for her and I. But to match all the time is pricey. So here is 3 tips on making matching with your babe easier and less expensive.

3 Tips for Easy & Cheap Mommy and Me Matching

1. Similar Colors and Textures- If I want to somewhat match Ella I will dress myself first and then her. If I pick jeans and a white sweater then I know to pick her jeans and white colored shirt. Leggings for me, leggings for her and so on. I recently bought myself a navy blue Pom beanie at Walmart, I took a peak in the kids section they had a navy blue one too! oth hats were under $10. I also have a brown coat that’s fleece material and I know Ella has a fuzzy brown bear jacket/hoodie. So because I know we had these two bigger pieces I dressed us both in our hats and brown jackets with whatever else underneath and it was so easy!

2. Buying doubles- Ella’s head is in the 99th percentile, it’s always been big. Because of this sometimes I can get away with getting adult headbands for her. On Fourth of July, the picture below I just bought two of the target $1 section headbands. A lot of stores have adult pieces and similar child pieces if you look. Walmart has matching shoes to the children’s versions.

3. Shoes- as silly as this sounds having similar color shoes will tie the ensemble together. Sure you can both wear the same color top, both have jeans but really sells the matching attire is similar shoes. If you’re wearing brown boots try to find brown for baby. Which is typically easy because baby normally has more than one pair of shoes and easily works for boys or girls.