The Best Self Tanner, Tanceuticals

I am a mother, a college student, an employee, a blogger, a homemaker, a daughter and a loving girlfriend. I have absolutely no time to myself most days between the diapers, the books and the laundry. Sometimes this can get in the way of my self care and beauty regiments. When I find I am feeling really off and just not myself the quickest way to restore some self esteem is to get a little color. And before we jump to conclusions tanning beds are not for me I don’t have time and I have already had to have spots removed (thanks ignorant 16 year old tanning obsessed Jess). I am 100% a self tanner kinda gal. Having a little color reestablished makes me a new woman. I have had my fair share of tries with products but nothing compares to my absolute favorite, Tanceuticals.

It is honestly so easy and free flowing to write about a company who is true to their products. Voted #1 self tanner on I can completely understand why.

I can not say enough good things about this tanner. First of all it dries fairly quickly. It smells amazing, like coconut. Added bonus, it is cruelty free. But what has me sold the most is that IT WORKS and it works well. That seems like such a simple concept for a product to work. But this is the only self tanner that gets 5 star rating from me because it works so well in all aspects. The color I achieved from Tanceuticals reminded me of my tan I got on vacation in Key West, Florida. It is the perfect sun kissed color. It’s not streaky and I started seeing a difference in color after the first use. This product leaves you with a natural, good smelling and easily achievable tan.

Please excuse my before picture I know the white may blind you but look at this before and after. The product speaks for itself but I just want to compare my before and after so you can see how amazing Tanceuticals is.

Before VS first application
Before VS 3rd application.

So I started by taking a nice shower and EXFOLIATED. You always need to exfoliate before applying self tanner. Then I applied it in sections in a circular motions. I didn’t really go over joint areas and gave them a little wipe after. Then I let it take its time to dry which seriously went so fast under 10 minutes probably. Then after that I moisturized to keep the tan lasting.

I used the Tanceuticals mit, body self tanner in Dark and the face self tanner in Dark. I especially loved their facial self tanner it’s super creamy and rich. Not only does it tan it moisturizes too.

I am a customer for life now. I am totally hooked on this product. You can order from their website, so you too can be hooked on a perfect tan. I love Tanceuticals and you will too! Can not wait for all you beauties to try it out.