Seven Springs Mountain Resort

First of all thank you so much Seven Springs Mountain Resort for hosting Tyler and I for my birthday. It truly was an AMAZING weekend getaway. I highly recommend adding this Pennsylvania gem to your bucket list.

A little background on Seven Springs Mountain Resort. This resort has been around since 1935 and has been flourishing ever since. The mountain has 33 trails that cover 285 acres of terrain ranging from beginner to expert. The longest run, “Lost Boy” is 1.25 miles. Top elevation is 2,994 ft and base elevation is 2,240 ft. Although the mountain is a main attraction of Seven Springs the resort is an all seasons resort, filled events from January to December. Activities range from snowboarding to zip lining. I highly encourage you to check out their website to look into all they offer.

My boyfriend and I stayed at the resort from January 25 (my birthday!) to January 27, 2019. This weekend getaway was the perfect mid winter escape. On top of it being my birthday weekend it was also the first weekend get away for the two of us since our daughter had been born. Talk about celebrating! During the duration of our stay there was a constant perfect, fluffy snowfall. It was incredibly dreamy and ideal weather. With the snow lightly falling, snowboarding adventures to be had, shops to explore and plenty of restaurants and bars to experience we took full advantage of the beautiful, cozy resort.

Our room. When we arrived on Friday night we were greeted by winding roads leading into the resort, a sneak peak of the mountain made us even more eager to hit the slopes. Upon parking and checking in with highly attentive and friendly staff we headed to our room in the Slopeside hotel. Up the elevator to fifth floor we made our way. I particularly liked being placed in the hotel on this floor because the fourth floor was the heart of the lodge. It had the majority of restaurants, bars, lounge areas and amenities attached to it. The fourth floor was also connected to the set of stairs that lead you to the mountain and other attached amenities such as more restaurants and shops. Moreover, being on the fifth floor gave us great access. We entered our room and I was blown away. It was beautiful. There was a cake laid out for my birthday, a signed birthday card and a goodie bag. Seven Springs truly went out of their way to say thank you for working with them. It was great surprise to walk into and it truly made me feel special. Not only did the extra effort of the gifts make me feel appreciated but so did the room. It was extremely clean, tidy and decorated beautifully. The first section of the room had a light leather sectional couch (that pulled out into a sofa sleeper) to the left of it a dark wooden dresser and a large flat screen mounted to the wall. Walking past the TV, further into the room there was a desk to the left. To the right was a gorgeous bathroom with granite counter tops and tile work from the floor leading up the wall to the ceiling. The bathroom also had a large, deep tub to which I took full advantage of after a day out on the slopes. Moving forward was the bedroom, which had a door for privacy. In the room was a large king bed with crisp white sheets and tons of pillows. Matching the desk and dresser, the bedroom had dark furniture as well, a dresser, two matching side tables and of course a beautiful head board. Also another flat screen. My absolute favorite part about the hotel room was the attached balcony. The balcony had a large, curved railing, matching seats and a side table overlooking the mountain. It was breathtaking. The following morning after arriving I watched the sun rise over the mountain top, coffee in hand. The hotel room was cozy, beautiful and spacious.

Drinks. After checking into our room and getting settled. We got dressed and made our way to the Foggy Goggle for some celebratory drinks and dance moves. The Foggy Goggle had such a fun and vibrant vibe. There was a DJ, the bartenders were working at lightening speed and everyone moving and grooving to the music. For those who retired their dance moves a while back there was a fireplace located in the center which kept the cozy feel of the lodge still in play. The bar, the tables and seats all were made of authentic woodsmen-craftsmanship. The Foggy Goggle faced the mountain and was easily accessible for skiers and boarders to hop in and grab a drink and hit the slopes again. Seven Springs’ drink game goes far beyond the Foggy Goggle. One of my favorite spots was the Bloody Mary Bar. Inside the lodge located in a corner as you approach other shops sits this gem. It is a bar dedicated to specialty drinks that take “extra” to the next level. Check out the picture below for a visual example. Another drink spot is the Foggy Brew, a 100ft bar with 50 taps from all over the world. We also enjoyed listening to live music and grabbing a drink at the Bavarian.

Food. With drinks comes food and Seven Springs will have you leaving 10 pounds heavier than when you arrived. There are nine ( I believe, I had to count this twice) different food options on this resort ranging from ultra casual to all out. There is seafood buffet, pizza, bar food, upscale dining and even Starbucks for caffeine addicts like myself. We ate our hearts out this trip! My favorite though was the breakfast buffet every morning. I am a breakfast lover and having a custom made omelet every morning started my day out right.

The Action. I wanted to spend my 23rd birthday doing “something”. Although I never imagined I would say this at 23, I did not want to spend it partying at a bar. It’s boring to be so be repetitive. I’m over spending my birthday at the bar. You get dressed, spend a lot of money, the night ends too fast and you wake up with a hangover the next morning. I also did not want to go to dinner this is something we do all the time. I wanted to do “something” for my birthday. Although, I did want alcohol and food to be part of my birthday. Seven Springs was perfect. It was an experience. I still ate like a queen, drank like a king but also got to do “something”! Tyler, my boyfriend and I went snowboarding for two days. Tyler had never snowboarded a day in his life but I still managed to convince him to go. We were able to get him rentals and I was impressed with the quality, Burton. I was able to teach Tyler fairly quickly. The hills at Seven Springs were so well maintained it made it easier for him to learn. Had I not been able to teach Tyler myself Seven Springs offers a snowsports school. The mountains were a perfect range of beginner to expert. There was slopes for people like him, a rookie and vet like me to both enjoy! I am so happy we were both able to appreciate the views of 100 foot tall pine trees brushed gently snow lining the mountain and cabins lining the other side. Although we did go off for about an hour our own ways, him to practice a bit more on the magic carpet hills and I, on the other hand, went on to the bigger hills. I could not pass up the opportunity to see the beautiful lake at the top of the mountain one of my favorite views at Seven Springs. Snowboarding and skiing starts in the early hours and goes into the night. They also do snow tubing!

The Lodge. Along with the dining portion I have already touched upon I want to talk about all the other amenities that make Seven Springs a five star stay. First of all the lodge is beautiful. It is an enormous wood cabin styled lodge with relaxing fireplaces scattered throughout. The over all feel was relaxing and cozy. Corners and nooks to curl up and read scattered among the entire building. There is always something to do and events going on. When we went it was Winterfest. They also have live performances, DJs, caricatures, a swimming pool, hot tub, bowling, an arcade, babysitting services, laundromat, photography services, multiple shopping spots and an entire spa. I was blown away by the service as well. Every staff member I encountered was helpful, kind and very efficient at their job. Another perk of Seven Springs is that they are a green resort. I initially noticed this on our first night when I saw there were no straws and that the cups were made labeled made from recycled material. Looking further into this, I found that they were green initiatives which you can read more about here. As someone who tries to be eco-friendly as much as I can I really appreciated the effort in making their resort green.

The app. If you do plan a stay at Seven Springs I also recommended downloading the app this made our stay very efficient. It has updates on events going on, the snow report, status on trails and lifts and all amenities listed. The app also has all the restaurants listed with their phone numbers underneath for any questions you may have.

Overall I rate my experience there a five stars. It was truly wonderful and they were amazing to work with. My birthday was magical thanks to Seven Springs Mountain Resort. I can not wait to book our next trip there!