Beauty favs; Hair and Skin

Hair and skin. The bread and butter to the beauty department. In this article I am going to cover of my absolute favorite hair and skin products that are essential to my routine. Linked here is the ability to shop products listed in this blog post;


  1. Wet brush- If you are a follower of the blog ( and if you’re not sign up here! scroll to the bottom and sign up with your email to get into the know!) You know I have talked about the Wet Brush before. I have long hair and I could not imagine my life with out this brush. This detangling brush makes brushing your hair relatively pain free and helps your hair to not have breakage. BONUS make your significant other brush your hair for an optimized experience.
  2. Kenra Platnium Blow Dry Spray- Thank you to my angel of a hairdresser for making me addicted to this little beauty. First of all, if I was not balling on a budget I would buy EVERYTHING from the Kenra line. But unfortunately, for my cheap self, its too pricey to keep up with it all. I do though always have this product on hand. At first, I was skeptical of the price for the amount but I am still on my first bottle after 5 months. Moving onto what this product does. I SWEAR it doubles as a detangler, its not primarily marketed for such use, but I, as a consumer love it the most because its ability to smooth, soften and detangle. What it is primarily marketed for though, and does a GREAT job at doing is being a heat protector. It cuts blow dry time down by half. It also helps to eliminates frizz. 10/10 would recommend.


  1. Mario Badescu owns my heart. I want to talk about two products in particular that I and Tyler both use daily. First, the rose water spray. Affordable and magical. I use this bad boy in the morning, afternoon and night. I use it before I put on my make up, after I put on make up on and after I take my make up off. Its such a versatile product. It is a facial mist that is SUPER hydrating. It has that aahhh I feel freshened up feeling. Secondly, the drying lotion, again the first time I ever got this product I was like yikesss $17 for 1 oz ?! BUT again it is worth it and it lasts a LONG time because you do not need much. With Tyler and I sharing, the bottle will last us probably 6 months if not more. So this little potion is the cure to pimple drying. You dab it on the pink solution lightly, you do not need much, over night and when morning comes it has immensely cleared up acne spots. It is mainly formulated with salicylic acid and calamine.
  2. Yes To. This is my other favorite skin care line. I use Yes To cucumbers and grapefruit mostly. If you are not familiar with the Yes To brand here is a direct link to their recipes and if you scroll all the way to the the bottom you can see all their different collections. I use Yes To cucumber face wipes, facial moisturizer and under eye treatment. I use Yes to grapefruit face wash (so does Tyler) and I like their correct and repair products from this line.
  3. Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. I love Real Techniques their sponges and make up brushes both are of great quality and they work great, plain and simple.