20 Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Baby

My daughter celebrated her first Easter at 6 months old. We decided, just like her Christmas stocking she really did not need much. We got her two soft Easter related books, jumbo soft eggs, markers and Uno cards (ok the cards were more for mom and dad, you caught me.) She is now 18 months (UGH where has the time gone?!) and this year her basket will be a bit more full. We still did not go crazy with gifts because 1.she is young, 2.Easter is not about the gifts. Say it again with me, EASTER IS NOT ABOUT THE GIFTS.

I like to believe, ideally this holiday is the perfect opportunity to give gifts that encourage the kids to get off the electronic kick winter instilled and get back outside to play. With that being said this year she is getting a bubble wand, play dough, a wooden princess play set, sunglasses (to play outside in style), the eggs are making an appearance again because why not?! and Easter inspired socks (you can never have enough socks for your children.)

Babies and Toddlers can be some of the hardest people to holiday shop for!
They can only have so many toys and they don’t have enough teeth to eat the good candy just yet. Their Easter basket may be the hardest to fill this spring season. Luckily for you I am here to help! I have compiled a list of the best Easter basket fillers and have also linked exactly where to buy them right here !

Shop for

Baby- http://liketk.it/2B0Si

Toddler- http://liketk.it/2B0RI

  1. Soft candy, Reeses eggs are perfect
  2. Bubbles
  3. Chalk
  4. Play Dough
  5. Sunglasses
  6. A new dress/suit for Easter service
  7. Bowling pin set
  8. Easter inspired books
  9. Crayons- jumbo or palm grasp
  10. Markers
  11. Staking cups
  12. Teething toys- Munch mitt, Teething egg
  13. Soft eggs
  14. Rainboots
  15. Spring inspired shoes
  16. Sippy cups
  17. Baby snacks- Puffs, Cheerios, Goldfish 
  18. An outdoor ball, the big rubber kind
  19. Cozy Coupe
  20. Bouncer ride on toy