How to Keep Calm on Your Wedding Day

I loved my wedding. It was amazing and perfect and la la la happily ever after. BUT I do have one regret when looking back on my big day. That one regret was my lack of “chill”. Despite all of my stress, worrying, and anxiety guess what? Everything worked itself out. It always does. I feel like I could of definitely enjoyed more of the moments where I felt stressed had I just took a big breath and relaxed a bit. My favorite memories from my wedding are the ones that felt the most relaxed. The ones where time stood still like holding Tyler’s hands as we began our vows or our first dance where the two of us were in our own little world. On your big day you need to remember to stop, breathe and take it all in for what it is because that day comes and goes so fast.

So, here are 5 tips for you on how to relax on your big day.

Treat yo self

I always feel a little euphoria whenever I get myself a “treat”. Whether it be a coffee, new shirt or even just basking in alone time. On the morning of my wedding I walked into Starbucks alone order a coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I was extra giddy when they asked for a name to which I requested bride be on my cup because it was my big day! That little treat made me so happy, excited and relaxed my morning tensions a bit.

Let other people help

If you are control freak like myself this one may be hard for you. But part of my problem was trying to control every little detail. I know, I know as the bride you have a vision in your head and that’s how you want it. To help combat this make an inspiration Pinterest board and show those who are helping you set up how you would like it to look. Pay attention to the big parts that matter and let go of the little stuff like how to angle the center pieces.

Sink a drink

Viewer discretion advised on this one BUT responsibly consuming a drink is known to take an edge off. My bridesmaids, sister and I all got ready together and we had a mimosa bar with cute little cups. It was fun to have a cute little drinks while getting ready and it helped to calm nerves of the approaching I Do’s.

Be grateful and thankful

So, so many people have bent over backwards to make your wedding day amazing, including yourself! Be reflective of that. Hug your mom, your dad or your mother in law and say THANK YOU! Hugging is comforting and releases oxytocin (the cuddle hormone in our brain, associated with happiness and lowering stress).

Dance it out

Along with our mimosa bar we also JAMMED out when we got ready. Having music playing, my friends getting ready and dancing always makes me happy. Moving around helps you shake out nerves.

If you have any stress relieving ideas for your wedding day comment down below and let me know!