Mommy & Me Date

My daughter is my best friend. I have so much fun hanging out with her and seeing life through her little eyes. I truly enjoy playing with puzzles, watching Disney movies and pretending to eat fake food. I hope throughout the years my role as not only her mom but also her best friend continues as I have that relationship with my own mother.

Now, I did just say playing with my two year old gives me great joy but sometimes mama needs a break 😅. The cooking, cleaning, diaper changes, errands, work, wearing both the mom and dad hat with my husband being gone is EXHAUSTING. Not to mention the lack of adult interaction as of lately.

After calling up my mom to vent about life’s most recent stressors we decided the two of us were penciling in a much needed, much deserved mommy and me date. Just as my daughter is my best friend, my mom is undeniably my bestie too! Although the three of us have lots of fun together this mommy and me date was reserved just for the adults.

The two of us had a baby free, stress free evening planned. We got dressed up cute (cue the matching boots) and headed out to Crocker Park for the night.

First on our to do list RELAX. What better way to unwind? With a massage of course! Hosted by Massage Heights we received 1 hour massages that put us in a complete zen trance.

Here’s the website to check them out!

Now that you’ve crept on them a little bit (yes, I know you did) Let me tell you about the EXPERIENCE this was! First of all, the staff at Massage Heights in Crocker Park were so inviting and wonderful to their customers. As soon as we walked in we were offered drinks and they showed us around. The massage rooms were so calming, with soft music playing in the background and your choice of aroma therapy with essential oils. I was so impressed at how detail oriented our massage therapist was. Before we began, the message therapist went over our personal paper work with us asking about chronic pains, places we did want worked on and places we did not. I checked off frequent migraines and he informed me he could put some focus on that area if I wished. I felt like the staff truly listened and cared for my needs. Even thinking about the way my head was massaged makes me feel relaxed, it was amazing. I also chose to do the hemp derived CBD add-on and it was SO worth it. Now if you’re wondering why I chose to do the add on let me tell you why. Research shows that hemp-derived CBD can help relax muscles after a massage, which allows you to experience longer lasting benefits from the massage and over all muscle tension relief. After my date was over with my mom I had THE BEST night’s sleep, my body was so relaxed and at ease because of the add-on. I will be doing this add on from here on out because I feel like it took my massage from a 9/10 to a 12/10. My masseuse was amazing as well. Massage Heights was professional, affordable and the ultimate relaxing activity. Our overall experience was phenomenal and my mom and I can not wait to go back!

After our massages we continued our little date night with some shopping! Massage Heights is located in the aesthetically pleasing Crocker Park, so we were able to walk straight out of our massages and take a little stroll. Of course we did a little bit ( A LOT of bit) shopping along the way. After shopping till we dropped we decided it was time to grab a bite to eat!

After a few beers (sorry we are not really wine gals, beer is our favorite and mother like daughter I guess), a few appetizers and AMAZING meals it was safe to say we were on cloud nine. Our mommy and me date was a complete relaxing and fun success.

It was so nice to just spend time with my mom. We relaxed, had some good laughs, and simply enjoy each other’s company. We got massages, shopped, had a few drinks and ate delicious meals. It was the perfect adult mommy and me date.

Life can get hectic, stressful even. But carving time out for these kinds of dates is something we will look back on and cherish. I can’t wait for our next mommy and me date. Till then I’ll go back to being the mommy for my own mommy and me dates. Bring on the toddler toys, watching Disney movies and pretending to eat fake food.