23 Things

23 years completed. But boy did my 23rd year shape me, remold me, break me down and rebuild me.

It was a big year for me. I got engaged and married to my best friend!!!!!! I traveled lots, which is one of my favorite things to do. I gambled away and ate my heart out in Vegas. I shredded mountains at a few ski resorts, hiked in New Mexico, adventured in Texas and basked in the sun on the beach in North Carolina. I pushed my blog bigger than I had expected. Landed on television three different times. We moved and said some hard goodbyes. I also have been learning the process on how to parent solo. I became reacquainted with the gym, something I also love to do. And of course I watched my beautiful daughter flourish and evolve into my bestie even more (I’ve brainwashed her into LOVING shopping). I’ve grown mentally, emotionally and physically far more than I thought I would this year.

So, in celebration of my 23rd trip around the sun I wanted to share 23 different thoughts, ideas & feelings I’ve compelled through out my experiences this year.

Without further hesitation my 23 THINGS;

1. Astrology is really freaking cool and you should take time to learn your natal chart.

2. Bleaching & cropping T-shirts from the thrift store is a fun and inexpensive hobby.

3. YouTube is a free online university especially if you want to get involved in the e-world, use this resource.

4. Flowers are beautiful & so happy. We shouldn’t wait until we’re dead to buy them. Buy them for yourself now, buy them for your mom, your grandma and your daughter. They will change someone’s entire week.

5. Life is too freaking short so you should say what’s on your mind, go for the dream and kiss the boy (just not my boy, he’s already claimed). Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t hold grudges & be present.

6. You’re not dumb for trying something new. You also shouldn’t feel embarrassed because someone out there wants to do the same thing but they just don’t have the courage to make that first step. Take the leap, have some faith.

7. Tik tok is addicting, I am old & apparently I can’t dance.

8. Walmart’s clothes deserve more attention. Absolute fire.

9. Late to this one, but add Toner to your facial regime. My personal favorite is The Ordinary. Game changer.

10. Calling the people you love, who you don’t get to see often makes a difference. Make time for it.

11. Last minute plans, even if it means randomly fleeing to a different state with just the clothes on your back and staying in a shabby motel WILL most definitely make for some amazing travel memories.

12. Intimate weddings are beautiful, financially friendly, personable and anxiety free.

13. On that note, hiring a DJ for any size wedding is not negotiable. Just do it.

14. You’ll never value all the resources technology brings until it’s the only way you’re able to talk to the person you love.

15. Toddlers copy everything. This is simultaneously a good and very very bad thing.

16. Avocado toast, salt, pepper, smoked samon, over medium egg cooked slowly, salt, pepper, dash of hot sauce. Blueberries on the side. BEST BREAKFAST EVER. Try it and thank me later.

17. “And what’s the worst that happens they say no? Move on with your life and try something else.” I feel this one is applicable to many areas of life and I say it quite frequently to people in all sorts of different situations.

18. Christmas is absolutely MAGICAL with your own children but that stupid elf on the shelf can take a freakin hike. Yeah that’s right I’m talking about you Audrey. Also what two year old names her elf Audrey ?!

19. The trick to making your kid love shopping is funny noises, pushing the cart fast once every few steps, non stop motion, letting them hold things, and obviously small treats/toys.

20. Sometimes you need to be strong not only for other people but yourself. Let out a good cry and then woman/man up and deal with shit. Move forward, don’t stop and most definitely don’t look back.

21. Toddlers grow in a blink of an eye. This blanketed statement everyone threw at me about the newborn stage is transferable to every age. So hug them tight, tickle them more and smother them with kisses because before you know it they’ll be on their way out the door.

22. Ice cream is always a good idea after dinner. Especially in the summer, in a truck with the windows down, country on the radio, the man you love driving and the little person you created together in the backseat.

23. Do things that bring you JOY. Have hobbies, clubs, or leisurely activities you like doing on hand. Read, ride a bike, do a puzzle, run, play volleyball, blog, lift, take pictures, travel, thrift, do yoga, garden, play an instrument, sing, draw, kayak, work on cars. Do anything, do something, make your soul light up.

Thanks for an incredible year, I love having you all by my side. For my birthday gift I would LOVE if you would FOLLOW my blog by entering your email address below!

Cheers to a new trip around the sun, may it bring 24 new THINGS.