About Me

Hello all! Welcome to my blog where I share my life about young motherhood and everything in between for you!

Hi, my name is Jess and I am so happy you’ve stumbled upon this page! see me and you, were a lot alike and I am so excited to share my experiences with you.

I am a 23 year old mama living the dream. Not exactly, but we make everyday the best way we can. My boyfriend Tyler and I have one daughter, Ella. She is seriously the light of our lives. The three of us live in Ohio together.

Tyler and I met in college ( if you would like to read more on that there is a post on it!). When we were freshly 21 we found out we were expecting. And when I say freshly I mean it was Tyler’s 21st birthday party when we found out, SO extra fresh. It wasn’t easy. We had to step up to the plate to become the parents we knew we wanted to be. Being pregnant young was stressful for me. I feared everything from what clothes I would wear to if I would still have friends to if I would be able to give my baby the life she deserved. I wanted DESPERATELY to know everything would be more than okay. I scoured the internet looking for articles on other’s going through my situation, who could provide hope on being a young parent. I would repeatedly look up people on Instagram who I knew who had children young to see what my life would possibly look like. I needed inspiration that I could be a bomb mom, while being young and simultaneously living a life I loved.

I am here to spread the good word; it is possible to be a bomb mom while living a life you love. I am 23. I am a mom. A loving girlfriend. A coffee addict. A travel enthusiast. A savvy shopper. A Pinterest devotee. I can still make a bomb breakfast, have a night out with the girls, shred the mountains, dress cute and do yoga. I can also change a mean diaper, give a great rendition to twinkle little star and rock a teething toddler to bed even if its 3 am. Becoming a mother changed me. But, it changed me into the best version of myself.

Follow me through my blog and Instagram (@jessconley ) to see life through my eyes as a young mama and remember;
A young mama, aint a bad mama.